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LOOKING FOR CARE: 024 7637 1197
WORK WITH US: 024 7637 1197


Would you like to make a difference to the life of someone in your community and have a career that is rewarding and challenging? If the answer is yes, then we want to hear from you!

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Why Work For
Universal Care Services

Universal Care Services was founded in 2003 as one of the leading healthcare providers in the West Midlands. In 2005, the company expanded to Warwickshire. The progressive growth of the company was as a result of our good service and referrals we received from our service users and friends. By 2011, however, Universal Care Services expanded further to Coventry and some part of East Midlands.

Our Mission

You deserve to live the best quality life in your own home environment, regardless of your health condition, gender or age. We understand the expectations of elderly people and would provide them with best quality care to be able to live independently and comfortable in their various homes.

Our Objectives

To excel in the provision of quality and personalized care.

Universal Care Services were acquired in 2017 by Clece Care Services, who also share the same values as we do and with broader expertise in the health sector. This move was to better position Universal Care Services as the leading healthcare providers in the entire Midlands.

Our Core Principles


Promoting respect for, and the dignity of, people to whom we provide any type of social care.


Transparency and legal compliance in the management of our activities and services.


Ensuring the confidentiality of our clients’ and users’ personal data.


Teamwork, professionalism and motivation, which mean that we improve every day.


Ensuring the Health and Safety of our Workers.


Encouraging respect for, and the preservation of, the environment.


Contribute to provide an efficient service while monitoring a high level of quality and managed budget.

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